CMA organizes two lectures for new employees

12 November 2014

CMA represented by the Human Resources Department organized introductory lectures for new employees yesterday morning, 10th November, 2014. The lectures aim to prepare and qualify employees, and to provide them with important knowledge and information about the two sectors, and present them to the role played by CMA for upgrading the performance of the two sectors in order to achieve the goals of the national economy.

The conference included two papers; the first was on the insurance sector in the Sultanate presented by Ahmed Al Harrasi, Junior Specialist, Directorate General of Insurance Supervision, CMA. He talked about the structure of insurance sector and its major principles, and pointed to the important role played by CMA in regulating the insurance market. He presented the most distinct insurance policies and products in the Sultanate, and talked about the developments witnessed in the sector. He also pointed to the common mistakes in dealing with insurance policies, like; not reading the policy before signing it, providing misleading information to the company, and concentrating on the premium amount only when selecting the policy without considering the service provided whereby.

Majed Al Kyoumi, Junior Specialist presented the second paper on the capital market and its economic importance in the Sultanate. He pointed to the development stages of the sector, and talked about CMA’s role in regulating the sector. In his paper, Al Kyoumi talked about the factors affecting the shares prices, and the investment principles in the financial markets, as well as the environment where the market operates in. Moreover, the Capital Market Law was introduced, daily trading operations, and other matters related to the capital market.

It is worth to mention that this lectures come within a number of programmes organized by CMA to upgrade and enhance its cadres and employees.