Al Jabri: development through markets covered almost all the capital market’s sectors

01 March 2015

Conclusion of the 34th IOSCO Meeting held in the Sultanate

H.E Yahya Al Jabri, Chairman of Capital Market Authority confirmed that the Omani capital market provided double financing than banks for the last two years. The development covered almost all the capital market’s sectors through new issues, increasing the capital, issuing commercial bonds, special issues, and all types of capital expansion.   


He added in his speech in the AMERC meeting held in Shangri-la, Muscat that the importance of this meeting increases by time as for the constant increase in the importance of the role of capital markets’ regulators. In fact, many countries in the African and Middle East region witnessed rapid growth in commercial activities based on capital markets in a way that financing through capital markets exceeded the financing through commercial bank loans, and now become the main resource for financing the economic growth.

The agenda of the 34th meeting of the AMERC, IOSCO hosted by the Sultanate for the last two days discussed in the second day the most significant subjects related to legislations regulating international capital markets. The meeting was attended by H. E Yahya Al Jabri, Chairman of CMA, and with the participation of more than 25 capital market authorities from Africa and Middle East.