Al Salmi: Corporate Governance is based on integrity and straightness

15 March 2015

HE the Executive President of the Capital Market Authority has confirmed that  corporate Governance and the wise governance shall emanate from the conviction of the companies of its importance  so as the implementation would be a conscious act and real desire to ensure performance advancement and higher levels of confidence  and protection to all the parties.


HE  said the Sultanates experience   in corporate governance which is more than 10 years was positive  and interactive on the part of the companies.


HE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, Executive President said  in an interview on the  evolvement of corporate governance  on the occasion of launching the 4th edition of corporate governance  excellence award that a team is working on redrafting a new code for corporate governance to cope with the requirements of the new economic phase of our renaissance adding that the code is in the final stages.  He talked about the importance of corporate governance and expanding implementation scope to include government and family companies.