CMA to discuss the expected role of the private sector

22 March 2015

The Capital Market Authority will organize a workshop on Sunday on the “Expected  Role of the Private Sector” at Sultan Qaboos University to be  attended  by HE Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, Executive President.


The workshop will explore the mechanisms that can enable the private sector to assume its real  role in the national economy, exploring the dimensions of such role, stressing the importance of capacity building, encouraging innovations and supporting initiatives in addition to other aspects which motivate private sector institutions to  enhancer their contribution to the national economy.


The workshop will focus on how to enable private sector institutions to activate the sectors the Government is focusing on in the Ninth Five Year Development Plans namely, tourism, logistical services, mining, fisheries and industry. The discussion will include the components of success which direct the private sector to the best paths of performance.


Omani youth will take part in the discussion to involve the academic sector in the national issues and  the future vision as a source of  cadres  which  will take part in the work to enrich their knowledge of the realities of economic development, prospects and challenges.