CMA Continues Training the Employees of Insurance Companies

23 April 2015

The Capital Market Authority  continued its efforts to train and qualify the national employees of insurance companies  to provide them with technical and managerial knowledge to enhance Omanization ratios in the sector.


The Directorate General of Insurance Supervision organized a training programme in preparing financial reports using Microsoft Excel 2010 which aims at acquainting the employees with the basics of specialized software in preparing financial reports and financial statements using spreadsheet software.


Rashid Mohammed Al Rashdi, Director of Requirements and Licensing Insurance Institutions said  the move  is to supply the insurance market with  qualifies Omani cadres to achieve highest levels of Omanization with regard to both quantity and quality.


He added CMA’s management is exerting every possible effort to prepare specialized programmes for the youth working in the sector and there  are upcoming programmes to meet the ambitions and the needs of national cadres which would boost Omanization policy and we hope all insurers would cooperate to add value to the sector in the national economy.


On the programme he said Microsoft Excel 2010  which is being organized in collaboration with a specialized training institution is one of the best software in preparing financial statements. The Training Committee has decided to present the training in three levels i.e.  basic,  intermediate and advances. The course was for the basic level with the participation of 60  employees working for insurance companies and brokers.


The insurance sector  has achieved 65% Omanization ratio in 2014 according to the audited statistical data of the sector.