CMA Organize Orientation Programme for New Employees

17 December 2015

The Capital Market Authority  represented by the Department of Human Resources organized an orientation programme for the new employees of CMA with the aim of training and qualifying them to efficiently perform their regulatory and supervisory roles as CMA’s role is the regulation and supervision of the capital markets and insurance sector.


The four day programme (13-16 December) covered a number of topics, presentations and discussions  by a number of professionals working for CMA.


The programme was designed to cover the skills required  for the employees to commence their careers properly. A number of papers were presented including papers on insurances sector in Oman, insurance sector structure and basic principles, CMA’s role in regulating the sector, its products and the development, common mistakes in dealing with insurance policies such as not reading the policy, misrepresentation and focusing on the premium rather than the service.


Other  papers were presented on the capital market and its importance to the national economy, CMA’s regulatory role and the factors affecting shares prices, investment principles in stock markets and market environment. The orientation included an introduction on the Capital Market Law, daily trading transactions and other matters relating to stock markets. The programmes also highlighted the rights and obligations of employees and the use of the Human Resources System.