CMA Invites Al Hassan Engineering to Explain its Challenges and Operational Performance

14 December 2017


CMA Invites Al Hassan Engineering  to Explain its Challenges and Operational Performance

The Capital Market Authority has invited Al Hassan Engineering Company  to a discussion session about its operational performance and investment challenges and opportunities in addition to highlighting the future plans and objects to enhance the operational processes of the company on Monday 18th December 2017 at 1:30 PM at the Businessmen Auditorium, CMA building.


CMA endeavors to  upgrade the level of transparency between the investors and the companies listed on the MSM to raise the level of awareness of shareholders of the companies’ performance and their plans and programmes to assist them in making sound and informed investment decisions which would positively reflect on the confidence in the Omani capital market.


The move is part of  a  series of  discussion sessions CMA has started recently and will continue in the coming period. CMA is currently communicating with a number of listed companies to invite them to discussion sessions focusing on the challenges they encounter and their future plans.