CMA Discuss Health Insurance Policy with Private Health Institutions

04 June 2018

CMA Discuss Health Insurance Policy with  Private Health Institutions


The Capital Market Authority held a meeting on Thursday with private health institutions in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to discuss the implementation of the compulsory health insurance on the  employees of the private sector ( Omanis, expatriates) and the visitors. The meeting was attended by official of CMA, Ministry of Health and private health institutions.


The meeting discussed a number  of topics including the objects of implementation of health insurance on the employees of the private sector which aims at providing basic health service to the employees to  contribute to enhancing productivity and attracting national manpower.


The meeting reviewed the unified health insurance policy prepared by CMA to contribute  to protecting the clients through three levels of health coverage, the basic, complementary and preferential.


CMA endeavors, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, to work with the providers of health services  in the private sector  and insurance companies to prepare internal links and to develop the  services in preparation for the implementation of compulsory health insurance in Oman.