CMA Organizes Workshop on Investment Instruments and Investor Protection

11 November 2018


The Capital Market Authority organized a workshop in collaboration with the College of Banking and Financial Studies on the capital market and its importance to the economy with wide participation by students of accounting and commerce of the  private colleges and universities to acquaint them with the capital market and insurance sector.


The workshop was organized as part of awareness and training workshops organized by CMA to introduce the roles of the capital market sector in the economic development process and the role of CMA as supervisor of the capital market and insurance sectors.


Three papers were presented in the workshop. Mr. Abdullah Salim Al Rabei, Director of the Department of Media and External Relations  opened the workshop with a paper on the development of the capital market and the role of CMA in the regulation of the sector pointing out to the development of legislative infrastructure which commenced with the establishment of CMA and the issuance of regulations for the protection of investors and the provision of confidence for domestic and foreign capital to contribute to the national economy.


The second paper was on the role of the capital market as an engine of the economic development presented by Jamilah Ali Al Hamhami. She talked about the financing mechanisms provided by the market, trading in the stock exchange and classifications of the market. She elaborated on the economic benefits expected from the securities market through the growth and expansion of capital and economic activity which would reflect on the services and production processes.


The third paper was on the protection instruments used by CMA to protect the investors presented by Huda Rashid Al Mamari, Director of Inspection and Examination Department on the authority of the general meeting as the top authority in the company. She talked about the legislations regulating the shareholder’s right in obtaining information and the transparency as a means to achieve this right. She talked about the prospectus and the importance of reading the prospectus before  entering the market adding that investor awareness and informed decisions are risk management means.


The workshop was attended by 100 students from the private colleges and universities. The workshop was accompanied by an exhibition with the participation of Muscat Securities Market, Muscat Clearing and Depository Company and the Omani Securities Association.