CMA Amends the Standard Health Insurance Policy to Cover Domestic Workers

16 December 2019

HE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi,  Executive President of the Capital Market Authority has said the new amendments to the Standard Health Insurance Policy “Dhamani” aims to include additional provisions to accommodate coverage for domestic workers and to encourage employers to provide high quality and cost effective  health care  for domestic workers beside the basic benefits provided by certain embassies for their respective communities.


He pointed out that such amendments on the policy were effected through the normal methodology of CMA  in drafting the laws and regulations of the capital market and insurance sector  in partnership with the community and the stakeholders after consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the representatives of the embassies  of the concerned countries with the implementation of the Dhamani to avail their opinions in providing  appropriate health care and to unify the  basic insurance benefits for all domestic workers regardless of their nationalities. Consultation meetings were held with the representatives of the sectors on the scheme and implementation methods for sound implementation taking into consideration the  specific nature of each category including domestic workers who work inside or outside homes such as drivers, maids, cooks and the like.



Al Salmi said  “Dhamani” scheme has reached  high level of preparedness  in the legislative and regulatory structure in order to pave the way for actual implementation adding that health insurance rules and standard health insurance policy are ready and that draft amendments to certain provisions of the insurance companies law are in their final stages and the health insurance database has been officially launched. He added that the electronic platform of Dhamani which links the insurance companies, health care institutions and the regulators has been awarded


The amendments provides that the term of the policy is one calendar year unless agreed on longer term, if the insured is a domestic worker the term should be two years. As to the schedule of benefits, work injuries were included in the coverage for domestic workers and the maximum limit for inpatient treatment has been increased to RO 4,000 and RO 500 in outpatient clinics.


It is worth to note that the health insurance team is continuing its meetings presided by CMA and members from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Public Authority for Social Insurance  and the Omani Insurance Association to provide for the infrastructure of the scheme as instructed by the Council of Ministers.