Workshop on creation of digital content in securities industry

26 July 2022

Workshop on creation of digital content in securities industry


The Capital Market Authority of the Sultanate of Oman organized a workshop on creation and marketing digital content in the securities industry in collaboration with Rawabit Institution with the participation of creators of digital content from the GCC securities commissions, stock exchanges, the companies operating in the clearing and depository industry.


The workshop comes within the joint awareness endeavors of the GCC securities commissions in the joint investment awareness program to enhance cooperation, exchange of expertise and simulation of awareness experiments of each country to disseminate investment culture and increase the GCC communities’ attention to saving and investment behavior based on knowledge of investment opportunities.


The workshop aims to acquaint the participants with the basics of dealing with the digital awareness content and how to highlight the unique content of the securities industry as well as focusing on best methods for management of social medial accounts, digital public and increasing growth and interaction, further to the importance of knowing the indices and measuring the effect of awareness message as well as evaluation of the content.


It is worth to note that the CMA’ and other GCC securities commissions’ interest   in content creation and marketing programs comes from the importance of the capital market to the national economy as an engine of financing for investment projects.