CMA Introduces Customer Dissatisfaction Monitoring Service

07 December 2022


The Capital Market Authority has recently introduced customer dissatisfaction monitoring  service to facilitate interaction with the consumers and the general public to accelerate work and ensure rendering quality service continuously.


The online service monitors customers’ dissatisfaction of the services rendered to the public and identifies the departments and sections at issue.


The service allows the consumers to file complaints related to the services provided by any of the sector, departments  or sections of the CMA to know the  obstacles and put in place remedial action to ensure solving the  problems further to improving the quality of the services. The move comes to materialize the objects of sectors specified in the CMA’s strategy for the period 2021-2025 such as enhancing the efficiency of the performance in line with the  priorities of the  national vision.


CMA asserts that it will continue upgrading all online services related to interaction with the public via its website and smart phone application to ease the services provided by the Institutional Services Department to the public. CMA currently provides thirteen services online contributing to enhancing communication with the insurance policyholders, investors and stakeholders, further to facilitating the procedures to save time and effort in the work process.